Make a Website – Should You Use a Template to Make Your Website?

There are two main approaches to creating a new website. Either you start from scratch, a blank page, or you use a template. I will argue that using a template is the better method. e poe tegemine

It is sometimes claimed that using a website template to create a new website is not a good idea. The main reasoning is that websites based on templates all end up looking the same. But this is not true, templates based website only look the same when the user does not make enough modifications to the template.

It is argued that there are only around 7 types of stories: the quest, voyage and return, rebirth, overcoming the monster, etc. Yet from these 7 base stories there a millions of unique stories. Every book from every library has elements on these 7 types and yet nobody would claim that they are all the same. Every book is unique and different. It is what you do with the base stories that makes it unique.

The same applies for website templates. There are only a limited number of layouts that a website can be. All of them have been tried, some worked and others did not. The ones that work have been turned into templates. I do not know how many practical and working layouts there are but I would not be surprised if it is more then 7. All the websites out there are based on around 7 basic layouts.

There is absolutely no reason for you to create a website from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel? Save yourself a lot of time and effort by getting a template. A simple layout template is all you need. For example, just a header on the top for a banner, a top navigation bar, side panels for sub navigation bar and a footer – this is a basic layout.

Most templates come with a CSS file. In a matter of minutes you can have a unique website. Change the backgrounds, change the font size, color, make a side panel bigger. In ten minutes you have your own website.

On the other hand if you start with a blank page then you will be spend a few hours fiddling around just to get the basic layout. And once you are finished, you will discover that your website in no different then a template.

A template does not mean that your website will be that same as everybody else’s. Using a template means that you save hours of work that you could of spent making your website unique.