Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing

Fishing for rainbow trout in Texas? This sounds like an oxymoron right? I mean who has ever heard of fishing for rainbow trout in a state where the average temperature is, well hot. While rainbow trout can be a fairly hardy species of fish, everyone knows that they prefer colder water temperatures, and cool to cold water temperatures aren’t something that the sate of Texas is known for. For this reason you would tend to think that trout fishing in Texas is something that doesn’t exist. Fishing baits

What many people fail to realize is that portions of the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country offer some excellent trout fishing on a year around basis. The stretch of river is known as the Canyon Tail race, which is located below Canyon Lake outside of Austin Texas. This stretch of river offers trout anglers a healthy population of both rainbow and brown trout that can be fished for year round using all of the techniques that are used for trout anywhere else in the United States.

Not only this, but the Texas Department of fish and game also has a stocking program that takes place during the months of December, January, and February that stocks trout into other river systems as well. While year round fishing for these beautiful fish only happens in the Canyon Tail race (because of water temperatures) various other rivers, lakes, and ponds get stocked with rainbow trout through the Texas winter stocking program to give Texans the opportunity to fish for a species of fish that they may be otherwise unfamiliar with.

The bottom line is that Texas rainbow trout fishing is not only something that can be done, it can also be quite productive at times as well. All of the normal “trout fishing techniques” work for Texas rainbow trout from traditional spin fishing to fly fishing. So, if you live in or or taking a trip to Texas (especially during the winter) keep in mind that you can go fishing for rainbow trout.

Although many people find this fact hard to believe, and find it hard to think of any species of fish other than bass when they think of fishing in Texas, the truth is that you can fish for and catch rainbow trout in the lone star state. Just remember, unless you are heading to the Canyon Tail race, make sure that you do your rainbow trout fishing during the winter months. Remember to check out the Texas parks and wildlife’s winter trout stocking program before you head out and you will be catching Texas trout in no time.